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Featured Article

Updated style sheet not reloaded in Firefox 1.0


I viewed my own web site in Firefox 1.0, and noticed an error in the style sheet. So I updated the style sheet and hit "reload" in the browser. The changes did not show any effect.


Seems that there is a problem with how Firefox handles the cache. We have seen the same problem with FF and it did not happen with Internet Explorer (IE 6).
When you close Firefox and start a new browser instance, it will load the CSS freshly of course.

Note: Firefox has an advanced two-stage caching system (disk cache and RAM cache). That's why closing FF seems to be required.

The whole problem could also be resolved by upgrading your web server, in case you use Apache. I read tha about a known problem with Apache where it serves cached pages with a default MIME type header, regardless of the header set in the orignal file.
For more information see here:

Bug description at

Another idea:
if your pages are generated dynamically, you could add a random string to the CSS url, e.g. "?r=123" - where 123 is a random number. This will force a reload all the time. On the other hand, you probably won't change the style sheet much in the future anyway.

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