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Database development with Delphi. Includes issues with BDE, ADO and InterBase.


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Dynamically switch the Interbase port


In our environment, we have Interbase servers installed on different machines, which - for security reasons - do not listen on the default port of 3500. Some listen on port 8000 or 7000.
I'm writing a tool that shall connect to various servers (on different ports). How can I accomplish this?


You need to modify the services file which on Windows systems is located in windowssystem32driversetc

The function SelectInterbasePort() as shown below will switch to a different port. For safety I would close connections before switching that file. It might not be a reliable situation that you are connected to multiple servers on different interbase ports simultaneously. (It might work, but I personally have not tested it.)

program Dummy;
 procedure SelectInterbasePort(iPort: integer);
   f: TextFile;
   g: TextFile;
   Line: string;
   sServicesFn: string;
 begin { SelectInterbasePort }
   sServicesFn := GetWindowsDir+'system32driversetcservices';
   AssignFile(f, sServicesFn);
   AssignFile(g, sServicesFn+'.new');
   while not Eof(f) do
     Readln(f, Line);
     if AnsiLowerCase(copy(Line, 1, 6))<>'gds_db' then
       writeln(g, Line);
   end; { not Eof(f) }
   writeln(g, 'gds_db    ', iPort, '/tcp');
   RenameFile(sServicesFn+'.new', sServicesFn);
   Memo1.Lines.Add('switching to port '+IntToStr(iPort));
 end; { SelectInterbasePort }
   SelectInterbasePort (3500);
   // do some work..
   SelectInterbasePort (8000);
   // work on other server

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