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How do I handle an EFilerError exception?


I get an exception 'EFilerError: A class named TWordDocument already exists. Do you want to attempt to load this package the next time a project is loaded?' when starting up Delphi 7.

I answer 'yes' and so this happens every time I start up Delphi 7.


The EFilerError exception is thrown because a class is trying to be registered twice.

In your particular case, you probably have both the Office 2000 and Office XP Automation Server Wrapper Components installed. You must remove one of these two installed packages to resolve your problem.

You can remove packages by chosing 'Components | Install Packages' in the menu - there scroll down to the Microsoft Office 2000 Sample Automation Server Wrapper Component and Microsoft Office XP Sample Automation Server Wrapper Component.

For your reference, the Office package files are on your hard disk:

\delphi7\bin\dcloffice2k70.bpl for Office 2000
\delphi7\bin\dclofficexp70.bpl for Office XP

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