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Dating scammer Irina Sharova from Lugansk, Ukraine


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Reporting a real snake :
Name : Irina Sharova
City : Lugansk
Country : Ukraine
Address: Sharova Irina
Lenkom Block, 4a/133,
Lugansk, 91000

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2007-09-07, 14:40:46
anonymous from Ukraine  
I am from Lugansk
She is a former hooker , very well known from prostitution from early age like 15...16 .
If you come to our city you will meet many old men who has paid her more than 10 times to have anal sex and sado-games (like schoolgirl and teacher!!) with her.

If you are searching for a wife you dont try a former whore , well known for dirty things, right?
I am Ukrainian myself and I give you this warning because she and other woman like her are a big shame for our country and culture.
Take care guys and be safe, Dont ever pay withouth having sex :)
Regards / Alexander
2007-09-07, 20:45:51
anonymous from United States  
So I wonder which one's the hooker?
2007-09-16, 08:26:06
anonymous from Netherlands  
Here a picture from Irina's interpreter Svetlana found as scammer on other site so scammer help scammer.

2007-09-21, 07:20:10
This is a bit scary...
Four people of 'us' who has been scamed by Sharova were in Lugansk a few weeks ago.They had arranged it to go after her and having fun theree.When they were in Lugansk after contact with 'local people' they have found where Irina and also where her interpreter live. Actually more easily than I thought.
Beside discussion about reporting them to police in Lugansk (which they did at the end) they have been discussing what to do with her. According to one of them who is in contact with me , they were angry and wanted to hurt them badly and leave the country same day or next day.

I find that idea to hurt a tiny little girl not so interesting and asked them to forget about it. Maybe the only thing that prevented them was my question : what if she has a mother with cancer and you dont know about it?

I wonder if it is really worth for this scammer to get some money but sooner or later be beaten up and get a damage ugly face by a victim.(look what picture one of men sent to me, he has obviously real problems and had called Irinas interprter when he was there) It was close this time. Probably next time one of the guys who has a hard time in his country (after divorce or something) will not ask anyone what to do with her and her interpreter and that will forever change the story of easy scam .At least in Lugansk , the capital of scammers.They told me that two girls were killed by an idiot when they were there in Lugansk and the city was in shock and who knows what can happen to these girls who scam people and arrange professional dating. I hope such actions as physical violence will not be connected to our warnings about Sharova as the majority of us dont not like physical violence.

2007-10-14, 13:36:25
anonymous from Spain  
Hello everybody , I am a normal guy living in Spain who have contact with a girl from Lugansk. Is all these information and rumors about her true? Can someone who has seen her or knows about her contact me or leave his message?
2007-12-01, 10:47:52
anonymous from Finland  
She operates under the name Lubov Antonova at the moment.

2007-12-03, 09:40:52
As this skleton hore is not listening to our warnings and continues to scam people I suggest that we contact our local guy who knows where she is living.
Lets give him some money to put a few nice deep scars on her face. Then she must work in the streets again to save money for a plastic surgery.
Mr 'English' you know who to contact. email me soon.
2007-12-05, 18:13:55
She can also be found on

under the name Antonochka:

'Hello, my name is Lubov and I am a 27 year old white female. I live in the vicinity of Russia.

I stand 5'5' tall, weigh 110 pounds and would consider myself to be in great physical shape. I have medium straight blonde hair and my eyes are blue. I currently am single and have no, and don't want, child(ren). I socially drink and never smoke. I am orthodox and go to church seldom. I have some college in the medical / dental background. Currently, I am employed in a medical / dental capacity and my annual income is less than $15,000. Some of my favorites include Russian food, pop / top 40 music and I enjoy watching comedy movies at home. I would have to say my favorite hobby is reading.

I can say that i am a simple girl I wnat to love and be loved in return.I am tender, loving and shy.

I would like to find someone looking for a relationship. If my profile has caught your attention, I look forward to hearing from you!'

2007-12-11, 15:17:00
anonymous from United States  
i meet several ukraine girls and russian girls and after 2 weeks the money question comes out needed money for translator and another needed money for $150 for a phone.I am researching about these women .. becarefull gents these women are good,how do you know it is not a big hairy dude with a bunch pictures of some beautiful girls.babybullsmith001
2007-12-28, 04:07:00
anonymous from South Africa  
My lover Dimitri Hadiaris (or as of today my ex-lover) has been corresponding with his dear darling Lubov for the last couple of months and I believe that he has also sent her money.

She has obviously conned him as well.

He has her photos on his fridge door and brags to his friends and family about her.

It is truly sad what these kind of women do to men when they have real women who are prepared to love them.

Penelope Marais
South Africa.
2007-12-28, 09:35:20
OJAS from United States  
Sorry Penelope your life got disrupted by a scammer. I have been posting on this site that it is not just the money alone that hurts. Scammers can do far more damage, as breaking up relationships, interfering in someones future where no-one can appraise a money value. On this site are more such victims ''crazy american girl'', Stephenie M, Adele's friend and many more.

Hope your New Year is brighter, Happy and Prosperous; Good luck with the West Indies series
2007-12-28, 11:20:04
anonymous from South Africa  
Yes i have been in contact with this snake for some four months now and i had no idea of what was going on i have so many letters from her and they are identical to the one's posted hear.I have sent her some money lucky only 200$ but i was going over to meet her early in the new year and a friend showed me this web sight and what can i say im shocked by what i have seen hear this is mind blowing,lets just say she is one big snake and will never see the likes of me.
I have sent a photo she sent me one of 7

2007-12-28, 13:42:17
OJAS from United States  
Sorry South Africa 2007-12-28, 11:20:04 you got scammed. Whoever sent you those pictures (probably a guy) is a snake, more dangerous than a mamba, and bigger than a python, making far more money than his victims.

More info in the welcome thread and its next post http://www.delphifa..412.shtml

Have a Happy New Year and Good Luck in the West Indies Series
2007-12-29, 01:35:15
anonymous from South Africa  
Cool OJAS i see you enjoy a bit of cricket yeah we have a game on our hands they putting up a good fight,hope you have a good new year to cheers!!!!!
2008-01-02, 15:01:26
anonymous from United States  
thanks for the info
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