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Dating scammer Irina Sharova from Lugansk, Ukraine


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Reporting a real snake :
Name : Irina Sharova
City : Lugansk
Country : Ukraine
Address: Sharova Irina
Lenkom Block, 4a/133,
Lugansk, 91000

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2008-05-02, 12:53:35 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates  
HI its nice site to write for u my name Suliman ,maybe you can help me or u intersted to help,I have in dubai United Arab Emirtes A Resturant And Russin Night Club , Im looking for 3 singers And 4 show girls for my bar ,Please If u intersted sent amsge and tel No I will Call u Back .Thanks.
2008-05-15, 15:35:43
asshole , we are not here to find girls for you. Go and search for you pimp bussiness somewhere else. Administrators , please Keep this site clean from this kind of nonsense
Thank you very much.
2008-07-14, 17:58:06  

Listen guys... all girls from Lugansk are scammers, and most of the Ukraine; and from Cheboksary Russia also; and many other places among the slavic nations!!!
I personally have been to Lugansk( though I have never been scammed ), and the girl I met there previously worked for a scamming agency right down town... I saw the place, and actually saw the owner at a nightclub called, ' The Pharoah Club!!' This place does exist... check it out if you like!!! 99% of all dating sites with Russian/Ukrainian women
are scams!! Even ' Elena's Models,' has many scammers... and they're supposed to be #1 rated; I've seen girls from Elena's site on other dating sites with different names and profiles, trying to scam of course! Sorry to be the one to break the news to you... but it's true!! Stay away from the Nigerian girls also... all scams!!! PLease understand though... there are extremely beautiful women in the Ukraine... trust me when I tell you; but you have to go there to meet them!! Learn the basic greetings in Russian, pick a destination, rent a flat( not hotel ), and start mingling with the people!!! Russians/Ukrainians are very private, serious-looking people!! You will go into stores and you will not see many smiles...same with grocery stores!!! they don't even speak to each other, unless they are close friends!! Don't let this affect you!! Go to nightclubs, internet cafes, public places, and try to talk to women; evenrtually they will warm up to you... just keep smiling and laughing, and act as though you like their culture, customs, and people very much... and that you are very comfortable in their city and country!!!
Remember... there are also beautiful women in Bulgaria, and virtually no scams!!! Romania too, has beautiful women( not as much as the Ukraine ), and they are a bit tougher... some scams going on there!!! ** Remember, Russian/Ukrainian women
are very proud, modest, and private, but not feministic... and usually very intelligent and educated!!** They are not American women!! A genuine Ukrainian woman wants her man to treat with respect and compassion, of course, but also wants her man to make the major decisions in there realationship!! He is considered head on the household!!! These women will remain loyal and faithful to their man, as long as their man will respect and love them... that's all they really need!!! They are not materialistic
women; they are just as happy to have a picnic in a park as to go out to a fancy restaurant... trust me when I tell you!!! They don't need fancy jewelry, or clothes... as they are not used to this lifestyle!!! Once they trust you and begin to develope feelings for you... they will be very compassionate and passionate!! They love sex, but are very
private about it... they don't even discuss it with their close girlfriends... even if they're
married!!! Women do not talk about their private life with their husband with other women... not usually anyway!!! It's a far cry from the US!!! I lived there for 3 weeks,
and learned a great deal!!! Any questions... feel free to ask!!!!


PS: Most of the scamming agencies are run by men... some of the women you see are just photos they use... the women in the photos don't even know!!!! Most of the letters they send are template letters, and if the are scammers( which most of them are )... they usually don't answer all of your questions; or sometimes, any of them!!! If you see a womendressed all sexy, and then photos of her out in nature by trees, or flowers, this is a tell-tale sigh of a scam!!!! One of the programs the scammers use is called,
' The Bat!!' ... Bat 3.06. You may see it in the IP address of a full header!!!! Good Luck, and don't get financially FUCKED!!!!! Also... these women cannot just leave their country; they need passports, visas, spending money, and a verified destination of where they will be staying and with whom... they actually need sponsorship!! So... if they are asking to come to you, but need you to Western Union money to them... it's a scam!!! It's much less expensive for you to go to them... and these are conservative women; they would never leave their country alone to meet a strange man in a foreign country!!!!!
2008-07-14, 20:29:06   (updated: 2008-07-14, 20:34:56)
OJAS from United States  
I disagree with your opening statement, of your otherwise excellent post. ''all girls from Lugansk are scammers, and most of the Ukraine; and from Cheboksary Russia'' is over-generalization. I will however say that many scams originate there.

I agree with you that you have to take the initiative. Real Russian and Ukrainian girls seldom initiate contact
2008-07-14, 20:43:23
[hidden] from United States  
Is this Irina still active?
2008-07-17, 23:48:39
anonymous from United States  
    I have also been in contact with Irina Sharova. I initiated contact with her in February of 2006. She returned my letter with a warm and friendly greeting in return. It was very similar to the ones that I have seen others post for their first letters, but this does not surprise me at all, since a pretty girl like her would be sure to get many responses to her ad’s. Her letters were warm and tender, and of course I wondered if she might be too good to be true. After a few letters, I was informed that the translation fees for her internet use was due, and that she could not continue to pay for them on her salary. Unlike other people, I had no problem in sending her some money to pay for our correspondence. Should I have expected a woman to pay to speak to me? Not in my mind. Every month or two, she would tell me that her internet bill had expired, and I would send some more money to continue our letters. At one time, I got 2 very similar letters from her, but one was addressed to another man. His letter said the same thing in the body of the letter, and added a couple sentences about his house, that he had invited her to visit. The letter addressed to me had the same body, general info about what she did that weekend or something, but it had a few paragraphs personalized to me at the end. It actually made sense to do it like this looking back, but I was not happy about it at the time, and so made an ass out of myself over this. Imagine a woman 6000 miles away, writing other men after writing me a whole couple months! You mean I had competition for such a pretty woman!? Accepting her explanation with a raised eyebrow, we moved on and she wrote every day, except Sat and Sun for many more months. Not sending much money, with visions of a bald, overweight Russian man with hair on his chest, she had invited me to go to Ukraine to meet her.
    Unwilling to continue writing such a man, I finally accepted her invitation. She did not balk at all, and seemed eager for me to visit her in Lughansk. In March of 2007, I made the trip to Ukraine. For reasons still not clear to me, I decided to fly to Kharkov instead of Lughansk. She recommended against that decision, but it was easier for me to get that flight. I write her when I reached Kiev, and told her what time I would arrive in Kharkov. Half expecting to be met by my hairy Russian man with the bald head, and half expecting to be stood up completely, I touched down at the airport in Kharkov.
    After collecting my bags, I walked around the corner and immediately spotted the most beautiful blond woman I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Irina had driven by taxi for 5 hours to meet me, and she was as far from a fat bald Russian man as could be. I was delighted at what I saw. I was past my worst fear at the time, she was real! She was accompanied by her translator, who has been written about earlier. We turned around and began the 5 hour trip back to Lughansk. She had spent 10 hours on the road to meet me, and I don’t think anyone has ever done that for me, before or since. We arrived in Lughansk very late, and it was even later before we found a hotel for me, since I had not made any reservations. How hard could it be to find a place to stay in a city on the edge of nowhere? This was harder than I thought. I got settled and she had to go, because she had to get up for work very early in the morning. I was told she would come t me during lunch, and we would also visit after her work. The hotel would only let me stay a couple of nights, because I had no reservations, so at my request, the translator found me a flat across the street from the central market in Lughansk.
    Every day at lunch, and every day after she finished work, we spent some hours together. It was not as much time as I would have liked, but I enjoyed walking the market while she was working, and I enjoyed the time we spent together during this trip. During our conversations, we spoke of visits from other men, and I think I read some accounts of this already. I enjoyed hearing her talk, and I loved the sound of her voice.
    As for her speaking English, it is true that she doesn’t speak a word of English. Actually, she doesn’t speak Ukrainian either, she speaks Russian! It seems fair to me that we had a translator, because my Russian is almost none. It is true that her translator was always with us, but this is no surprise to me, after all, I have no problem with a built in chaperone anyway. What the heck could we do alone without any way to communicate? I can think of only one reason to insist on being alone with a woman I cant talk to, but I did not think that I was owed sex for simply visiting her in Ukraine! My reason for my visit was to see with my own eyes that I was writing the woman who’s photos I had been looking at for the last few months. I wanted to look in her eyes, and hear her voice. If I wanted sex, I could find it much closer to home, and for far cheaper that the price of a plane ticket. I am as much a guy as the next one, but I know when to be a gentleman.
    We ate out every evening, and had sandwiches at lunch each day. She says she can cook, but I honestly don’t know how well she does that. I would not want her to cook while I am visiting her, especially when she has worked all day, and I had wandered the market, just passing the time. Looking back, I wish I would have cooked dinner for her a time or two while I was there. Yes I took her to nice restaurants each day, so what? I should fly half way around the world and take her to the cheapest place I could find? I happily fed the interpreter also, because it was the right thing to do. She was there doing a business deal, not for her amusement. We ate, she ate, it’s as simple as that. They did drink during all meals, yet I did not get vodka pushed on me. Here is a little know fact, “they drink like fish in Russia, including Ukraine!” that little 100 pound girl could drink me under the table 8 days a week, because that’s how they grew up! I did not get taken to a nightclub, with her friends invited along for a free ride; I was taken on a picnic in the country. The place was even closed, but they opened it up for us for a little cash. I think it cost me 20 dollars… Gasp! I spend that on cokes in a couple days. I even fed the taxi driver, after all, he brought us all the way out there.
    I enjoyed my stay there, even without her screwing my brains out on our first date. How can that be? A couple days before I left, she grabbed my hand, and it almost made my heart stop. I was on top of the world! I came home with my computer, my camera, a pocket full of money, and a feeling of adventure. She got a few good meals, some roses and a couple of stuffed animals. She really cleaned up on me with this trip. Perhaps if I expected her to spend the whole time in bed with me, expected her to cook all my meals, and refused to let me pay for anything, then maybe I would have been disappointed. As it was, my trip to Lughansk to see Irina was a wonderful experience for me. I got to see a world I never knew existed, I met a beautiful woman who was nothing short of a sweetheart to me and I left knowing that I had been a gentleman. This trip was one of the highlights of the last few years at least.
    Is this woman a scammer? I don’t know. She is at least as pretty as her photos. She is not some gross dude pretending to be a woman. Send me money to keep writing you, and see if I take it. One look at Lughansk, and you can tell that life is hard there. Did they make any money on kickbacks from my flat? Who knows, and who cares? I didn’t pay any more than I would have paid at a motel, and I was across the street from the central market. Kickbacks from the dinners I bought? I pay more for my meals here at home, so again, who cares? Taxi rides, so what? Don’t go on a trip without some cash. You are supposed to be trying to get the girl, sometimes you have to pay. If she is a professional dater, she didn’t make much on my effort this trip. I have dated woman who were much greedier than Irina, and they lived just down my street. Sorry to say, she doesn’t hold a candle to some gold diggers that I have known, and have willingly been around. I got a pretty good deal even if she didn’t rape me on the first night. She acted like a lady for the entire trip, and that was what I was looking for.
    I have sent more money to Irina than any of the other men have claimed to send. The difference is, I take responsibility for my actions. In 2 ½ years I have sent her money when I saw fit. Of course, the troubles she claimed to have could be made up, but then again, perhaps she is like other people, and has problems in her life at times also. I still sent it, right or wrong. I hope it helped out. I would have spent much more on many women in my town during this time. If I would have been successful in winning her heart, this money would have been nothing at all. Worth every cent, and then some. Perhaps she didn’t sleep with me because she didn’t want to. I am not positive, but I don’t think she has to. I know that here in the states, a woman is allowed to say no.
    Allegations of prostitution by anonymous posters are not worth the paper they are written on, and there is no paper here. Even if these things true, so what? I am no saint, and I think, neither are some previous posters. If everyone knew all my dirty little secrets, I probably wouldn’t be walking the streets right now. If you think money in the amounts that I have read here buys you anything more than talk, you are sadly mistaken. As for physical threats of a woman who weighs no more than a wet blanket, you should be ashamed of yourself, much more than anything, real or imaginary that you accuse Irina of.
    She hasn’t written me lately, because of some boneheaded comments that I made. But I would take her in a New York minute if she would have me. I am grateful for the letters we have shared, and I thoroughly enjoyed the short time we spent together. If she is scamming, or professionally dating, I hope she stops, finds a good man, and has a happy life. I personally wish nothing but the best for her.
        And that is my report on Irina Sharova…
            Jeff in USA
2008-07-18, 10:11:13
OJAS from United States  
Jeff, Thanks for emphasizing the importance of homework + legwork, although there are no guarantees in life

It worked for Aldo, doing his part, found a real girl in Yoshkar-Ola. http://www.delphifa..p=5#98809

Lightning can strike twice http://www.foxnews...6,00.html
I have myself won a jackpot in a slot machine.

I have always held that ALL generalizations are bad (including this one!). But one has to do ones part, keep an open mind, face unexpected events, good or bad.

An old saying, going over 6000 years back, goes
''Do your best, the rewards will take care of themselves''

Best regards
2008-07-20, 18:05:59
anonymous from Sweden  
This is your answer Mr anonymous American above :
You yourself are as anonymous as people who had put reports before you. I guess you can be one of the people around this snake so why should someone listen to your nonsense?
If you try to make a scammer who has scammed so many people clean then you should have arguments that she has not done so.
You try to tell that you are a desperate jerk off guy who don't care about money as soon as you smell blond pussy. But she has scammed people and if you are horny and stupid to get fucked upp and still to be happy about it , then it is your problem. do you try to defend the bitch? Only stupid people defend scammers or people who are part of the business of scamming people. So what about you?
You write : 'Is this woman a scammer? I don’t know. She is at least as pretty' Okay go a head and masturbate for her .But scammer is scammer and scammers must be chased like we do on this site. Try to understand Mr Hick Head!

If you read the comment many people has found this site and this has helped them to not getting ass fucked and trying to look happy!

You write also about 'hairy Russian man with the bald head' and 'I personally wish nothing but the best for her' . Let me help you understand . The best thing has happened. The 'hairy Russian man with the bald head' that you don't see actually may exist. He is probably the head of scam organization that Sharova and a few other professional dater/translators works for. And what about your best wishes for Sharova? Dont worry , because Sharova despite being a 'woman who weighs no more than a wet blanket' , she can take the hairy Russian man's dick in her ass. They both are very happy and you still masturbate for her from 6000 km , so everybody is actually happy.

As for physical threats of a woman who weighs no more than a wet blanket, and being ashamed of ourselves : Let me meet you and kick your ass instead. You must be a fat American so you cant complain about light weigh.

Get lost from here and dont try to make it look like of we people who fight back this scammer are doing something wrong. Only idiots and scammers defend scammers so go your way and have fun in your bed thinking about the good time you had with Sharova.
2008-07-20, 21:57:12
anonymous from United States  
To Mr. tough anonymous Swede above,
    Excuse me for posting something that didn’t meet your obviously high moral standards. I decided to send the only thing that I have, and that was my own personal experience with this one particular girl. I grant that this sight has probably helped many people, and the service it provides is a very necessary and valuable tool to protect people from predators of the heart and wallet.
    That said;
    I can only relate my own personal experience with Irina. We wrote many times and I enjoyed her letters very much. I sent her small amounts of money for translation costs. I have found sites online where I could have gotten her letters translated, but the fees would have been higher that way. Worried that I might have found a “fat hairy Russian man” waiting for me, I instead found a beautiful woman who was the very same one from the photos I received. The photos were relatively recent, and she was immediately recognizable. These were not old photos taken 10 years ago. The entire point I made from the quote you butchered, was that she is a real woman, the woman pictured, and not the “fat, hairy Russian man” that I feared.
    My trip was pleasant, and she never acted anything other than a lady to me. The expenses I had in Ukraine were not excessive, and she certainly did not make out like a bandit with me. A couple of teddy bears, some flowers and some free meals is nothing less than I would do for anyone I was having an interest in. I brought more things back from Ukraine than I gave to her. I met some wonderful people, and saw a world I have never seen before. During the day, I went to museums and parks, and had some wonderful times, walking around the central market. My trip to Ukraine was wonderful even without meeting Irina, but it was much more pleasant with her along.
    Do I consider her a scammer because she did not sleep with me? Was she a scammer because she did not follow me home? Was your last date a scammer because she didn’t do the same with you? Perhaps she is scamming, but if she is, the work she put into it, was not worth the trouble it took.
    I like my money as much as anyone else. Dating like this is a bit like gambling; don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. I am not trying to encourage people to write her if you come across her on some site, I would even recommend to proceed with caution. I just thought that there might be another side of the story that should be told. This is what happened to me, and me alone.
    When I was there, I was told of a meeting with a man before me. I think I have read his story here. His story and her story match in part, but some details were left out of the story I read here. Who is telling the whole truth? Usually nobody has the whole truth. I was not there, so I don’t know, and to be honest, I didn’t press the issue. It’s funny, she didn’t want to know too many details about my ex either, and I didn’t want to talk about it anyway. I heard the story I was told well over a year ago, and came across this site just recently.
I am just like the thousands of other guys here, seeking to find someone to love. Many of us have been hurt in this hunt, and many have lost money to the scammers. I myself think I am better served not to let this poison me, because what use could I be to anyone like that? I agree that scamming is a major problem, and sites like this serve a valuable service. The best policy is to be cautious and guard your wallet, but don’t lose your heart in the process. The price is too high. Spend your life dwelling on misery and being bitter, and that is what you will become, miserable and bitter. Any woman would look forward to spending her life with you, right?
Your posts are here, and you can post away. Now this one is here, and disregard it as you wish. This is old news for me, though admittedly with a twist. You call me stupid? You can call me stupid, and yet write a letter of the obvious quality above. That is what you should be ashamed of. There are schools for diseases like that. First grade comes to mind.
Piss and moan all you like about a man refusing to threaten violence to a woman, or not cussing like a mule skinner, but keep in mind, you are no woman Swede. Come hunting me with a ass whipping in mind, you better pack a lunch, because it might turn into a all day job. I might have a couple extra pounds, but my fingers aren’t fat. Slide on north of xxxxxxx about a hundred miles, and you might find more than you bargained for. Do you see how many fingers I am holding up? No, not that one.

Jeff, north of xxxxxxx Texas, Usa
2008-07-21, 03:35:24
anonymous from Netherlands  
Mister Jeff I get the idea you try to clear a scammer here, do you really think a girl like this is interested in you?
A girl as Sharova who wrote and write with all man who have swindle a lot of money, oh what is Lugansk people poor nobody have to tell me any story I was 6 times in Lugansk and one bitch to meet was this scammer Sharova you walk possible hand in hand with her yes she have to clear a history, go more times to Lugansk and try to learn more about the girls in this city.
Will you meet more scammers I have some girls for you there
2008-07-21, 05:55:09   (updated: 2008-07-21, 06:20:48)
OJAS from United States  
1) ''If she is scamming, or professionally dating, I hope she stops''
I believe you are unsure of her even after spending a few days. She alone may be in a position to decide which individual(s) she scammed according to her own definition.

2) While proceeding with legal actions against his (different) Ukrainian scammer, Craig keeps an open mind, not generalizing most FSU girls as scammers http://www.delphifa..#comments

3) Your way of gaining first hand experience by meeting the girl is the best available possibility, even then you may not be in a position to reach a decision about a scam possibility. There are several (besides Aldo) guys posting in delphi their good experiences with real girls, and they know how to tell them apart from scammers

4) You took some risk ... yes, one needs to gamble sometimes, I myself have, sometimes with payoffs. But one has to weigh how much he is willing to gamble http://www.delphifa..p=1#39950

5) To reduce the risk, before the legwork, is the important homework, some general information is useful starting point

Proud Russian girls do not ask money from strangers

Accepting your gifts is normal, but Girl asking for money is scam! http://lonelyrussia..212095480

If Sharova did not scam you, but scammed someone in the past, your experience alone will not exonerate her. She must return the money to victim(s) if any, start a new life in clear conscience. Even if she offers to return, a victim is more likely to forgive her, let her keep the money. Or, she may join this group of girls

Returning to reducing the risk before first meeting, my suggestion:

India, Turkey and several countries offer VOA (Visa on Arrival) to people from FSU, US, Western Europe, etc.
Thousands of Russians can afford pleasure travels
Buy a prospective girl an e-ticket to one of those neutral countries to setup a first meeting. Take pictures with her in front of her and your embassies to file with your sponsorship for her. In the event of gold digging, customs restrictions will limit your loss

I am immediately North of Texas, and we do take various risks after assessing the degree, and how to minimize the amount of risk. That is one reason I don't want to drive in Houston! LOL!!
2008-07-21, 08:09:08
anonymous from Sweden  
Mr Fat Jeff
I think everyone who has followed the report from the page1 to here understand that you are defending a well known scammer.
As I said you can be happy to be near a blond girl because you 'might have a couple extra pounds' . But dont try to defend scammer Sharova. I enjoyed my trip, and that you didnt meet “fat, hairy Russian man” that you feared is nonsense . It is useless for anyone coming across this site. Your own experience is not helping al people who lost money /time to this scammer.
I actually think you are scammer yourself working with Sharova. You may be in USA for a trip or you are their friend or part of their scam organization. Are you a man refusing to threaten violence to woman by helping scammers and to defend them against all written story about her? No , you are what you are and people can decide themselves.
Maybe you are afraid that sooner or later someone will hurt your baby? Why? Doese it disturb your business?
By the way , if you are not scammer yourself, we people here want you to post your pictures with Sharova. You can cover the part with your face but we want to see that you have met her at all.
Just post a few pictures with Sharova from your trip, if you are not scammer yourself.

Nobody here is more miserable and bitter than you by certain reasons. Everybody who has written some useful info to expose Sharova here is fighting back scammers with smile.

Enjoy your Cadillac and Big Mac and try to write a letter in Italian, German or French next time so we will see that you your quality is higher than the rest of us. I guess a letter in Russian would be no problem for you...

2008-07-21, 10:16:34
OJAS from United States  
Girls not involved in scams, but abused by scammers post their rebuttals

If Sharova feels that she did not scam, she too can post a rebuttal ... but NOT someone else on her behalf. Since she is a Russian, she is welcome to post in Russian, doesn't need to use a translator for posting. If her translator wants to post, can identify himself / herself could post if not in English, in German, or Dutch, or Swedish, and it takes me only 5 minutes to request an English translation from my friends.

Here is a gentlemanly invitation for her to clear her name, SHE has to RSVP, not you!!
2008-07-23, 12:53:58

Hi all - I was fascinated to review all your comments about the intriguing (if that's the right) word Ms. Irina Sharova.

Perhaps it is just my suspicious mind but I think Ms. Sharova bears a resemblance to this lady from Lugansk whom you can find on the '2' site by clicking on the link below:]=30427

Having made contact with 'Yana', I did a google search and hit upon your site. Thus I have been 'wise' to her right from the start.

I have been corresponding with her and she has sent me this photo (together with some of she and her son !). She looks older than Irina Sharova and her hair is different, but what do you think, folks ? The same woman or not ?

If so, she is posing now as a 30 something single mum - photos show her in domestic surroundings and with a teenage son. (... Or perhaps that was always the real 'Irina' / 'Yana' ??)

Let me know your thoughts. I am currently in contact with this 'Yana' (July 2008) - I am suspicious but happy to let the correspondence go on to see where it leads and whether to attempted fraud. I should stress she has not asked me (so far) to send any money nor of course would I oblige if she did.

The main question, I guess, then, that needs to be resolved is is this 'Yana' your 'Irina' ?

Gee - this stuff would make Radovan Karadzic blush !! :)

Have fun.

2008-07-23, 16:26:22
OJAS from United States  
anonymous 2008-07-23, 12:53:58, Initial Steps http://www.delphifa..?p=0#99465
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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