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Dating scammer Mabel Quaicoe from Accra, Ghana


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P O BOX 10

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Works with another person named Martin Oppong
Uncle/friend/lover..who knows

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2009-02-17, 21:30:58
anonymous from United States  
Lately evey man I meet on a dating sight the red flag goes up because they seem to all be on business trips to Africa and they way they write lets me know they are scammers just yesterday I meet one and when I traced his email on yahoo he was posted as a scammer what is going on here I pay good money for these daing sites and to have 6 scammers in the last month contact me is enough something needs to be done. I turn them all in but I know they go on under a different name and when they call you, you can here alott of people in the background because there in cafe's I even here children running around. I even switched sites and one still found me. They seem to all write the same way and fall in love in an hour.anyway if you need to know how to tell there trying to scam you watch there writing they call you babe right off and my dearest and my Queen my lovely well I gave one a cussing lesson today he wont be bothering me again he was dumbfounded I knew so much about scams they proububly thinks 'Im one oh and yeh they always want to know what kind of car you drive and if you have a web cam so they can tell you hoe good you look and how bad they want you yeh they want us are wallets they even want to send you things to send it back to them credit card scams that could leave us in trouble with the copes if we except them lady's please be very careful on the dating sights thats were they are these days!!!!!!


2009-02-21, 21:55:17
anonymous from United States  

2009-02-28, 09:26:48   (updated: 2009-02-28, 09:29:51)
anonymous from Netherlands  
She calls herself Mary Carter/Jeni Soli/MABEL QUAICOE. Giver her no money!!!! She comes from ACCRA, GHANA. I will attach some pictures of her!!!

If you want I have much more pictures of this girl or man!

2009-03-02, 16:52:23
anonymous from United States  
I have been talking to a young woman claiming to be a Christian and knows the Bible very well. She seemed sincere but I have not been asked for money till today. $120. It seemed inocent enough but something told me it was fishy. She says she is 32 and for a Christian girl she is not dressed provocatively but is holding her shirt up so you can see a beautiful flat tummy and the dress is sort of low. I didn't think anything of it till the request for money. I know people are poor there but this just feels weird. Says her name is Pascalin Mosco. but when she asked for the money wanted it sent to her brother Allen Joshua 35 Kanda Ave Accra Ghana 00233. That also seemed funny and she answered she could not handle such things? This sounds a lot like the scammers I just read about but wonder if she could be real? I dont want to get taken.
2009-03-03, 00:37:07 from United States  
Hello Anonymous from the United States
Do not Repeat Do not send money for any reason.
You are hooked up with a scammer.
It is almost 100% positive that if you were contacted by her first somehow.
Plus if she is white at all. There are no white woman in Ghana Africa on line.
Just guys using stolen photo's of models. I was contacted on Christianmingle.
These people have no problem using Christianity.
If you stay hooked up with this scammer don't be surprised if your not made to
feel guilty for not sending money. They play on your emotions.
They have done this for years and know exactly what to say.
They also make mistakes. Your gut must be telling you something is wrong.
Your gut is right. I Lost over $1500.00 USD to most likely the same scammer.
Do not be surprised when she wants to masturbate while you talk to her.
Just remember your most likely talking to a guy. That should wake you up.
Yes they have girls help them. But the voice never matches the photo.
She or He will get very angry if you press for answers to simple questions.
Never post your e mail address on this site and never tell your scammer where
you got your information from. Try running the photo you most likely got through
the picture search at the bottom of this page. I bet even if you don't find it if you
post it, I can find plenty of the same girl for you. I have a very big collection
of pictures from many scammers. I keep getting contacted by them.
They try everything to stop me. From helping someone like you.
I bet she loves to talk with falling hearts on Yahoo messenger.
Please contact me direct if you want to. I am not afraid to post my e mail address
as they haven't been able to do anything to me. But, I'm always ready for them.
I have several new scammers to post myself. I gave my scammer the nick name
of Angel and have noticed it has been used ever since.
Please do not send money to a stranger. There is no way she could Love You
You just met. They will tell any lie they have to in order to get money from you.
Try demanding they appear live on cam. I bet they say they don't have a cam.
Or they want you to pay for it. There are Internet Cafes all over Accra Ghana.
They are filled with scammers that work 24 - 7 The Cafes don't close.
They are mostly guys in there 20's doing this.
Well, I hope, I have said enough. Please save yourself from losing money for nothing
and getting your feelings trashed by a heartless ass hole.
Kind Regards Jerry \\'^o^'//
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2009-03-10, 08:22:28   (updated: 2009-03-10, 08:26:35)
anonymous from United States  
2009-03-10, 09:06:24
anonymous from Saudi Arabia  
2009-03-18, 15:57:58
si รจ fatta setire anche qui con un altro nome si fa chiamare Rose Selwini,sua

2009-03-30, 12:06:50   (updated: 2009-03-30, 12:10:23)
[hidden] from United States  
This girl asked for money to fil her phone card right off the bat! She also said she needed money for her computer to be repaired. me like a dumbass sent some, not much but just enough to keep her asking for more. I know better but was foolish enough to do it, then got pissed because i wouldn't send any more! I am sure she has moved on to another target. I did get some very interesting pictures though I cannot post them!
2009-04-07, 06:54:57
the same as asbury pearl
2009-04-07, 10:22:08
anonymous from Canada  

2009-04-07, 18:35:58
anonymous from United States  
this lady has been trying to scam me,she is also known to go by rita solomon and grace smith-i will attatch the photo that i have.Both women go by the same name.she trys to be very convincing.

2009-04-13, 23:26:36
anonymous from United States  
uh oh; well-- maybe not-- thank you all and bless you all, yours truly stupid
i hope that it is not she---
2009-04-14, 02:45:21
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Hey stupid You, your done fooling anyone go back to your scamming business now.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-04-15, 20:40:58
anonymous from United States  
juliet Artful.. she claim she love GOD, and she is a good women ,but is a scammmer ,, who will play on your feeling . watch her , she is very slike, but she also have a friend working with her,, but she is no good,,

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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