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Dating scammer Yana Indah


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Name: Yana Indah


Jakarta, Indonesia
Last seen in Youngstown Ohio, Austin Texas, and New Jersey within 3 months. Just look for a fool and his money and she will be there taking him to the cleaners.

Other Comments:
This girl's a clever gold-digger and she will play you for as long as she needs to. Her weakness? She cannot stop lying!. I exposed her by taking everything she says and writes seriously, All the time. Ask questions all the time, re-phrase same questions at different times. She will slip-up. You just have to confront her at a rate beyond that which she can handle. If you feel her panicking, bombard her with questions and concerns of yours. She is a coward and therefore does not handle confrontation very well. If you want to confront her for the first time, to check your suspicions, i would suggest you do it by phone, and that you are very serious in your tone. You will notice immediately how she is panicking. But remember, she is very clever, and therefore very quick! Dont be fooled by the sweet-talk. She has an adorable voice with an asian accent which really makes it hard to doubt her. This psycho will not only break your heart, but she will ruin you for other women. It will be almost impossible for you to be able to move on and trust another woman on the internet. Be careful! She's only after your money!


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2012-07-03, 22:28:10
anonymous from United States  
OMG, she had to have found another sucker. She seems to look for older men that don't know how to use the pc. That way he won't find the real truth about all the men she has had and used....all for her 30 pieces of silver. She will find her judgement, and pay the price.
2012-07-04, 00:46:29
[hidden] from Baltimore, United States  
Where is she? You say she has contacted you. I would like to meet her and take her on. How can I reach her and see her since you say she is calling, begging and emailing you let me take her off your hands.
2012-07-05, 05:07:22
anonymous from United States  
some men still want her even though she is older now and probably with viruses....the gift that keeps on giving even after they pay her. It is true some men are real fools. Yana needs to go back to Indonesia, get straighten around and find a real job to help her family. Thats if, her degrees are real.
2012-07-07, 02:13:25
anonymous from United States  
I believe Yana is in L.A.
2012-07-07, 05:44:58
anonymous from United States  
what makes you believe she moved there?
2012-07-07, 06:53:49
The little white lies, the messy red ones
And some you can't discribe
The twisted lies that bear disguises
Simply can't hide in your eyes
Lies, lies, everywhere...

Oh yes... the little poem describes 'Yana Indah' and she's a clever 'gold-digger'! Dont be fooled by the sweet-talk and that adorable voice with an Asian accent which really makes it hard to doubt her. Don’t fall for fake tears about you not loving her or not trusting her. Money and status means everything to these Asian women because of their culture. When shit hits the fan and the love is gone; and it's time for divorce there's a 99.9% chance of her wanting half your assets.

Any woman that tells you age is just a number, and tells you lies to get your money and property is a 'gold-digger' ! The only difference if there is any; between a hooker and a gold-digger is the latter plays with your emotions, and she's more dangerous and more manipulative. Sure they are can indirectly be classified as hookers because in a sense of the term you are still paying money for each sexual encounter. That said, these women are very experienced in bed. They'll practically blow the top off of your penis with their blowjob skills, and their riding skills are comparable to none other. The reason for this is akin to their looks; if they were terrible in bed, why would any man dish out so much money to keep them around ?

2012-07-07, 10:37:40
[hidden] from United States  
I want to meet here if she has all the sexual skills and capabilities that everyone says she has then I have something in my pants for her. Even I dropped a few bucks for the experience it would seem to be worth it. I could string hear along and play her. Would also cover little johnnie up for protection. Someone send me her email.
2012-07-07, 15:52:27
anonymous from United States  
If yana went to LA she won't make much money...there are so many #10's there with fantastic bodies. Yana is just average body with below average face. Texans always iked buffalo girls or is that sheep. Yana is just paving her way to hell!!!

2012-07-07, 15:52:27
anonymous from United States  
If yana went to LA she won't make much money...there are so many #10's there with fantastic bodies. Yana is just average body with below average face. Texans always iked buffalo girls or is that sheep. Yana is just paving her way to hell!!!

2012-07-07, 16:26:21
2012-07-07, 10:37:40 [hidden] from United States - Someone send me her email. >>>>

Click on page one and you'll see her email address.... Go for it !

2012-07-07, 23:53:47
[hidden] from United States  
I tried that email did not get a response. Also could not find any massage reference so I don't know if the massage part of this thread is good without a number to call. Any other suggestion on how to contact her. I thought she would be easy to locate since she is a predator vixen.
2012-07-08, 06:20:10
anonymous from United States  
if you read the other statements it looks as if you won't hear from her soon. She has hooked someone in LA it seems. Don't worry she will dump him in 1 to 6 months. aybe someone in his family will read all these comments and warn him. Then she will be free to respond to you....just have money and yes wear protection....hehe
2012-07-08, 19:20:15
[hidden] from United States  
1-6 months is too long for me to wait. Everyone made this vixen seem like a leave no dime or penny unturned hustler. Seems like overstating to me. If all was said was true would have had her as one of my conquest by now. Since I am very generous and willing to give her a whirl. But she is no wherr to be had or found.
2012-07-10, 10:47:24
anonymous from United States  
some men are stupid. they want to try Yana but don't think they will get viruses. As one man said above, she is an old nag....been in the field to long. Her family doesn't even want her back...hehe
From what I heard above she has taken alot of money and spent it poorly. She won't work, except in bed and has no heart or soul. Men, go find a real woman not a has been indonesian whore. Let thye nag go and find philly...get the point. Or as fishermen say, there are alot better catches we can get

2012-07-10, 18:08:57
[hidden] from United States  
You are missing the point it's about redemption payback for the wrong done. I want to meet and connect to shut this slut down and humiliate here like she has done other including a buddy. But I can't find her or flush her out of hiding. Who can help me?
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