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Is a domain name with dashes better than without dashes?


Is there any difference between a domain name with dashes and a domain name without dashes with regards to search engine serps results? I'm thinking of as opposed to


You could get both names and then use a permanent redirect for one of them. If you get a domain with too many dashes it looks spammy; I would say that one dash is ok, two dashes are probably ok as well, 3 dashes definitely sound like low quality content.

Maybe you are looking in the wrong direction anyway. Look at some famous, successful web sites. (online photos)

Do their names relate to the content of their sites? Do their names mean anything at all? (Google comes from the number Googol which means a 1 followed by 100 zeros.)

However, all those names were successful; the lesson learnt is that content and name branding are more important than having keywords in the domain name.

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