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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Katya

Name: Katya


Ekaterina Tsaregorodtseva.Novocheboksarsk. street:PROMYSHLENNAYA 2
apartament 47
post code: 429952

Other Comments:
My dear and Charming. How is your day today? Forgive me, I could notanswer you more soon. I worried, when could not write to you.Only today, I have returned to my city and at once have decided toanswer. I feel guilty, that have not warned you about my businesstrip. You have forgiven me? I do not want, that you would think, thatI have forgotten you. I thought of you frequently, these days. It is apity, that I have no computer in my apartment. I want to write to youmore frequently. I want to divide with you, each my idea. I want toknow your opinion, on those or other things. I want to support ourconnection on regular basis. I sincerely believe and I hope, ourrelations, will be the beginning, our new real love and happiness. Youagree? I met you and now I do not want to lose you. You areinteresting to me. You have given me a little hope. I cannot describewords my feeling, but you could touch my heart, through your letter. Ido not know, how it could take place, but it is the truth. Last twoweek Dear, was very could weather in my city. But I like sun. Myfavorite a season summer. But I am sure, that there are remarkable moments inanyone a season of year. You agree? What season your favorite? Insummer, I can dress an easy dress and spend all my weekend for a beachat the river. In the summer, I can enjoy the nature and beauty of mycity. You know, now I want to discuss with you one important question.ok? I am sure, that you thought what between us there is a longdistance and what we shall do if we shall decide to connect our lives?I am right? I am ready on all for the sake of my future beloved. I amready to leave my country if it will necessary. I shall be glad tovisit you and to see my eyes, your place if we shall decide to meet.You should not worry about long distance. ok? The real love and truefeelings, can overcome any distances. You agree my dear? But I want,that you also would understand, that we cannot meet, until, when weshall be close enough, that I could trust you completely. Youunderstand? I do not want to hasten, but I also do not want toexchange letters long years. Probably I can visit you, during myvacation. When we shall be closer we shall discuss this question inmore detail. ok? Today I want to tell you about my city. I hope to youit will be interesting? The Novocheboksarsk More than 100 thousandcitizens. There are many beautiful parks, avenues and squares. Thereare many theatres and museums. Also there is a modern part of citywith high-altitude buildings, restaurants, casino and shops. In citythere is Volga river. I live in centre city in my own apartment. Thereis kitchen, sleeping, drawing room and bathroom. Tell me in moredetail about your place. ok? I shall be glad to see photo. My dear,each person on this planet has second half. Each person on this aplanet has the soul mate. Only having received these things, theperson can be happy. I believe and I hope, that our happiness, willnot pass by us. I hope my new photo it is pleasant to you. I havetaken this photo in my city a specially for you. Tomorrow, I shall beglad to see your letter and your detailed comments to my letter. Myhot kiss only for you. Sincerely your Ekaterina.

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